journal of soul's journey

Every soul has a journey. Everyone is a hero in their own life fable. No matter who you are and where you’re from you take part in a hero’s journey. Your soul’s journey. And Souljrn keeps track of them.


Souljrn is a place for everyday heroes. It’s a journal of stories, which are not usually heard. But those stories effect us the most. If a small gesture can change a course of action, it goes to show how great influence even a small gesture can have.

My mission is that Souljrn becomes a community of people from all over the world that connect with each others’ life experiences.

After all „great stories happen to those who tell them”, right? So, join, write and share in Souljrn.


If you’re a photographer/videographer/journalist, who would like to pitch a story or if you simply want to share a story use a contact formula HERE.


Also remember to tag your Instagram photos with #mysouljrn




Photo by Maciej Dakowicz