Cuba, a country you can’t be indifferent to. Many can’t get enough of the beautiful landscape of this Caribbean island. Many are concerned about their political freedom. Others wouldn’t bother about anything else but just order a cold Cuba Libre and enjoy hot cuban salsa. But what does Cuban libre really means in terms of cuban women? Different political systems can oppress a population no matter what part of the world they live in. Just as we may feel oppressed by those in our own lives. Meet three women Lucia, Abdali and Alliusca are fighting local stereotype while trying to find their place as mothers, daughters and women. But are their everyday challenges only local?


Looking at Lucia and her upbeat attitude it’s hard to see all of the struggles she overcame to allow her to smile confidently. Single mother, she was thrown out of her home when she got pregnant, had to learn how to fight from the bottom up. Now she supports other destitute women by employing them in her Casa Particular (Cuban bed&breakfast). She literally infects others with her positivity and you would be hard pressed to find other hosts in Cuba like Lucia and her daughter Gabriela.


Despite all the hardship she encountered, it simply made her stronger. Join Lucia during a birthday party she threw for her guests and share her story in the video below.


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A Rasta woman searching for a deeper meaning in life. Soothing mother to her children, who escaped domestic violence. Hairdresser finding a way to make ends meet and trying to open up her small private business in a country where the private sector isn’t so private. A woman pulling through every day and secretly longing for someone true who can stand by her during the hard times. She exudes kindness and strength , but when you take a closer look you can see a sadness surfacing as she smiles. Find out why in the video below.


Alliusca makes an impression wherever she goes. A tall dancer with a sculpted face and beautiful wild hair. Who would have thought that this girl had to struggle to develop her self esteem? That she might not fit in in a place known for being so passionate for physical features and pleasures? But behind sexy cuban salsa, tight clothes and flirty teasing there exists a very specific mindset on how bodies should be perceived and treated. It’s a very narrow viewpoint, which Alliusca challenges through art photography and… nudity.

Find out how below.