Beautiful women, beautiful city. Two main reasons for almost 6 million tourists to visit Odessa every year. Everything evolves around the city centre;

foreigners and locals are all having fun together in many of Odessa’s bars.

People are well dressed and everyone seems to live without worries.

But just few steps away from the lively city centre you’ll find different Odessa. Full of stories, full of everyday heroes.


6 different people facing unusual every day situations.

6 different heroes, each of them going through their own Odyssey.

6 different stories sharing one conclusion: some things cannot be left unspoken, otherwise we will never change anything.

Neither ourselves nor the world around us.






Everything about Tatiana just speaks professional. The tone of her voice, firm attitude, while she’s talking about domestic violence, as well as those important calls and visits from local authorities constantly remind us about it.


Not surprisingly, she used to be chief of criminal police in Odessa region. She had to handle over a hundred hard criminal cases of under aged per day.


With her friend and co-worker Olga they created organization called “Social Movement of Faith, Hope and Love”, first in the region. Her first and biggest milestone – make people acknowledge that domestic violence exists and it is a problem.

How she handled her role as a leader of the organization while trying to be there for her family? What motivated her to move further against all odds? Find out in our video.